Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Snooze You Lose

Okay so lately i have been doing a ton of job hunting. I was doing pretty freakin good too..i had a lot of interviews. i had jobs offered to me. There just were the lesser of my choices. I had other applications waiting at jobs that i desired more for different reasons like pay, or hours, or just the task i would be doing.

Well i rejected one job offer, at Target. It was good interview practice and everything so i'm not upset it didn't work out. It felt good to be offered a job :) even if it was just at target...haha i'll take whatever i can get. a job is a job, better then nothing right?
I then had to get back to Noah's Bagels about the job they had offered me. I preferred a bagel girl more then a clothing sales position because it was within walking distance and had way better hours. I could work mornings to afternoons instead of nights and weekends. I called and they had already hired somebody. Uhg! i had totally blown that opportunity.

So yes that ^ is why i say "You Snooze You Lose".

I snoozed on a good job i could have had and i lost it. now i have to wait on other applications and interviews. and who knows if i will get the job even if i want it! job hunting sucks...i feel inadequate for most jobs. I am in a spot in my life where i still have a lot to learn. I'm not particularly good at any skillz (yes with a z) except for schooling moms while playing church basketball...haha. that's a skill right?? okay cool.

But jobs isn't the only thing you can "Snooze and Lose" so i guess i can use this as a reminder to not wait on something for too long before it's gone! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and be spontaneous. Which means i should be on a plane to Utah this monday...that quick trip to visit friends has been taunting me for months now.

I have wanted to do it now because i don't have a job and i know it would be hard once i get a job. But i don't think i necessarily deserve a vacation until i work hard to get a job. Does that even make sense? I am really trying to be responsible but it is hard!

Remember when you were a little kid and didn't have so many hard decisions to make? ahhh sometimes i am not sure if i want to grow up, but i guess i don't really have a choice.


  1. Sometimes I think it'd be SO WONDERFUL to go back to childhood and just have fun. There are nice things about being an adult, but definitely a lot more responsibilities. Good luck getting a job that you enjoy!!

  2. yeah i am at the point where i am being welcomed to "real life" ha well i've been experiencing "real life" for a about a year now. Thank you for the luck! I will have to write a new post on my new job :)