Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I Keep You?

One of the cutest lil things that Bryson says to me sometimes is that question: "You're pretty...can i keep you?" haha i love it. He is a keeper. This weekend my incredible, handsome, adorable, hilarious, totally rad boyfriend Bryson aka Superman came over :) it was such a good weekend cause the sun finally came out to show some love! I love the sun because he gives me freckles and we all know i love freckles.

We went Disco Bowling on Saturday with some friends and despite the kind of depressing rock they were playing instead of awesome party tunes we enjoyed our night haha. We gotta make it worth with what we got right? We're actually pretty dang even when it comes to bowling and so it makes it more fun. A little competition always turns things up a lil bit. He ended up beating me 115-114! I'll get him next time...
The Girls and I

It was fun to get out and hang out with some old friends. Sunday we went to church and played around in the sun and my lovely lil sis took some pictures of us as a cute couple. I like having him at church with me :) it makes it more fun if your best friend is sitting next to you. Because Bryson is leaving on a full time mission for our church this summer, it is definitely nice to have some solid lookin pictures of us around. Don't wanna forget what he looks like! ha

Here we are <3



ADORABLE. I love him! He is my favorite. He's me hero :) my champion. I mean look at him..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Movies - Fast 5ive

- The Fast and The Furious (2001)
- 2Fast 2Furious (2003)
- The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
- Fast and Furious (2009)
- Fast Five (2011)

I will admit that my movies i enjoy are not the most respected films but i love what i love haha. I like a movie havin' me crackin' up off and on. Some attractive big stars in it is always better too eh? I'm a sucker for movies like Transformers, and The Fast and the Furious. They're seriously my favorite, plus there's a ton of them so it's fun to follow. These movies have the whole package. They may not have the best performing actors in them but i totally enjoy it anyway ha i'm not too picky.

I just went the the theater with my friend who i call "Puppy", and saw Fast Five. Ever since i saw the trailers i was super excited, i knew i wanted to see it right when it came out. This was it's first weekend so we'll see how it does! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tyrese Gibson is my boii :) OMG i love him....haha anyway. It was freakin' hilarious and i love the chase, and racing scenes. They've got me leanin' back and bein' like "oooooooh! .... ayyyy! ..... daayyuummm!" all over again! hahaha. Amazing.

I'd rate it like a 4 on a 5 star scale. Gotta love me some Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson! ha talk about a power duo. If you like a lil' good lookin' action and some laughs with a lil' bit o love tossed in the mix then it'd be a great choice.

IF you do go see it...stay until after the credits! SHOCKER ALERT.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful?

I am attending a link up party that my best friend Ashley had today :)

She is totally awesome and i love her to pieces!

So here i am :)

I love my freckles!
I love my smile.
I love my ghetto fab style haha.
I love how athletic i am.
I love my warm brown eyes.
I love my hair, it always does what i want :)
I love how much i laugh.
I love me as i am!

People are Beautiful. I love finding beauty in everyone I see walking the streets of Seattle. I just hope they think they are beautiful too!

What do you love about yourself!?
Don't forget to remind yourself of how beautiful you are :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


I wanted to apologize to The Glamorous Army Wife because i accidentally deleted your comment on a post. Now i can't find your blog! soo...i thought this was the easiest way to do that haha.

I've been busy busy this week and may leave for a trip to the Oregon Coast this weekend so i will be back with a few pictures and maybe a story or two lata. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have a great job and a great guy! Booya! It feels fantastic.

Both i have been waiting to happen for a very long time and it's about time that i get em! I now work at a law office as an assistant to the whole office and it's so much fun. I am glad i have a sophisticated job, it will help me grow up. hopefully...haha. Having a job helps with my whole life plan of going back to school and getting on with all of that exciting stuff that we have to do before we can start our lives.

Okay so do you remember Superman from my first post? make a long story short, he's my boyfriend :)

But if you want to read the long story, then here it is:

I had a friend Heather and he has a cousin Vanna. My friend and his cousin were very good friends. When my friend found out that Vanna had a super cute cousin that was LDS, she got really excited and told me i should meet him. They said we were going to get married...haha of course. So we started out with this little joke. I contacted Superman through facebook and got his number and we started texting. We talked to each other non-stop for 2 weeks until i actually got to meet him when i came home for thanksgiving break 2009.

His cousin Vanna set us up for a fun night all together. We went to this cool warehouse full of trampolines called 'Sky High' and played around for a while, it was a fun way to just have fun and get some giggles out. Superman and i liked each other right off the bat. I remember when he walked in the door to pick me up thinking he was a super sharp looking guy, he made me nervous! It was very cute.

He lived an hour away from me and so he was staying at his cousin's for the weekend. Because the first night was so much fun, we hung out for a second time the next day! He was such a gentlemen and made me laugh like crazy (we all know that's a good sign). I had never met such a sweet guy that was also so attractive, and also liked me. :) It was a short lil fling but we ended up liking each other a lot after hanging out during that short break i was home from school.

I went back to school, 2 states away and because Superman would be my first boyfriend i did not want to start things off long distance. I told him i wasn't ready to date, well...i was a little harsh about it and i might've kind of hurt his feelings so we didn't talk much after that lil falling out. We ended up talking again about a month later. Closer to Christmas, and when i would be home again. We did see each other once during that break as well, except this time it was a bit awkward and we just hung out as friends. After that we continued talking as friends. I was going to be at school off and on that year and wasn't going to have a long distance relationship. We made do. We were flirty but more in a joking way. It was a fun and close friendship. We talked sort of off and on for a year. We were close friends, we were there for each other during some tough times and it made it so we cared a lot about each other in that way first.

When i first decided to come home, and take a break from school, living at home and working to save money for the future Superman and i were oober excited we could hang out more. Now i was only an hour away instead of 12 hours! This was still all as friends. Secretly I had a huge crush on him this whole time. I had never let go of how genuine and kind and down right hilarious he had always been to me. We understood each other and got along great.

I knew he was getting ready to go on a i was skeptical about letting myself like him again. Falling for a missionary is setting yourself up for heartbreak isn't it?? Anyway, It was a couple months until we finally found time to hang out. I had an open mind and was going to see how he acted when we hung out. I didn't even really know i had a crush on him until we hung out again. Turns out we were both crushin' hard on each other! :) Flirting turned into some cuddling and we just fit. It felt amazing to have him there with me!

We talked that night and found out about the huge crushes... :D we had both grown up a lot in that year we were friends and things were different with us but they were better. The difference was we were ready to date, i think. The only thing that was a little scary to me was that he was going to leave within the next 6 months, for 2 whole years!! ahh. When we were talking i could see how much he cared about me and i knew i cared about him. I knew he would be someone i would fall for you easily. I even let him know that. We developed so much trust with our friendship that year that we could talk about anything, and sharing our feelings was not a problem.

A couple weeks later he took me on our first real official date, to a hockey game! One of my favorite things to do is go to a sporting event so it was a blast. It felt good and natural to hold his hand in the crowds of people and to be with him. It was getting more serious.

Here he is with Cool Bird!

The next week i went to visit his family! (he has 9 brothers and sisters between the ages of 20 years and 20 months) it was a fantastic weekend! I met his parents for the first time, and it wasn't scary at all. I felt like i belonged and meshed with everyone in his family great. The night i was there we talked and decided that we would date officially and be boyfriend/girlfriend :) March 20th, 2011!

So there is my story...i didn't mean to ramble but it is hard when it's my incredible boyfriend. He is SUPERMAN.

There he is with his cute youngest sister :)

I can't help it...I love to show him off! He is my newest prize :)

He's hilarious, handsome, fun, awesome with the kids, genuine, kind, caring, and a dedicated hard worker, plus he can rap and he likes me and treats me like a princess ha. He's the bestest!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Snooze You Lose

Okay so lately i have been doing a ton of job hunting. I was doing pretty freakin good too..i had a lot of interviews. i had jobs offered to me. There just were the lesser of my choices. I had other applications waiting at jobs that i desired more for different reasons like pay, or hours, or just the task i would be doing.

Well i rejected one job offer, at Target. It was good interview practice and everything so i'm not upset it didn't work out. It felt good to be offered a job :) even if it was just at target...haha i'll take whatever i can get. a job is a job, better then nothing right?
I then had to get back to Noah's Bagels about the job they had offered me. I preferred a bagel girl more then a clothing sales position because it was within walking distance and had way better hours. I could work mornings to afternoons instead of nights and weekends. I called and they had already hired somebody. Uhg! i had totally blown that opportunity.

So yes that ^ is why i say "You Snooze You Lose".

I snoozed on a good job i could have had and i lost it. now i have to wait on other applications and interviews. and who knows if i will get the job even if i want it! job hunting sucks...i feel inadequate for most jobs. I am in a spot in my life where i still have a lot to learn. I'm not particularly good at any skillz (yes with a z) except for schooling moms while playing church basketball...haha. that's a skill right?? okay cool.

But jobs isn't the only thing you can "Snooze and Lose" so i guess i can use this as a reminder to not wait on something for too long before it's gone! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and be spontaneous. Which means i should be on a plane to Utah this monday...that quick trip to visit friends has been taunting me for months now.

I have wanted to do it now because i don't have a job and i know it would be hard once i get a job. But i don't think i necessarily deserve a vacation until i work hard to get a job. Does that even make sense? I am really trying to be responsible but it is hard!

Remember when you were a little kid and didn't have so many hard decisions to make? ahhh sometimes i am not sure if i want to grow up, but i guess i don't really have a choice.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


they are so great! It's like having a best friend that has to love you no matter what...haha okay not really but i was reminded today of how awesome cousins are.

My cousin Jacquie who you can visit HERE texted me and asked to skypee. Normally i don't really like skyping, it's the need to be in a quiet room without anybody else that bothers me i guess. I really love jacquie lots and so i gave up whatever i had against it and we had a nice chat.

I haven't seen or heard her voice in a long time and so it was really nice. Especially when currently i don't get out much and literally don't have any friends to hang out was exactly what i needed! :)

Jacquie and I were super inseparably close when we were younger and she lived just 15 minutes away from me. When we were 11 she moved to Arizona. Not only was she my cousin but she was my bestest friend! So it really sucked not having her around anymore.

We took a trip down to Arizona a few years after they moved and i have gotten to see her through some other trips throughout the years. We never completely lost touch, but there were definitely times we didn't talk much, just cause we each had our own lives going at full speed.

Lately, like for the past year or so we have been talking a lot more, and i LOVE it. I found the best pictures of us when we were younger... ENJOY!