Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful?

I am attending a link up party that my best friend Ashley had today :)

She is totally awesome and i love her to pieces!

So here i am :)

I love my freckles!
I love my smile.
I love my ghetto fab style haha.
I love how athletic i am.
I love my warm brown eyes.
I love my hair, it always does what i want :)
I love how much i laugh.
I love me as i am!

People are Beautiful. I love finding beauty in everyone I see walking the streets of Seattle. I just hope they think they are beautiful too!

What do you love about yourself!?
Don't forget to remind yourself of how beautiful you are :)


  1. i really like this post! it makes me think of the things i love about myself!
    you are a cute girl and i think your smile is adorable! and... brown eyes rock! (:

  2. @jalissa: I enjoyed thinking about what I really do like about myself. It feels good :) haha. I have learned to love my brown eyes, even tho sometimes I am still envious of some people's amazing baby blues ha. Thank you so much girl!