Monday, May 2, 2011

Can I Keep You?

One of the cutest lil things that Bryson says to me sometimes is that question: "You're pretty...can i keep you?" haha i love it. He is a keeper. This weekend my incredible, handsome, adorable, hilarious, totally rad boyfriend Bryson aka Superman came over :) it was such a good weekend cause the sun finally came out to show some love! I love the sun because he gives me freckles and we all know i love freckles.

We went Disco Bowling on Saturday with some friends and despite the kind of depressing rock they were playing instead of awesome party tunes we enjoyed our night haha. We gotta make it worth with what we got right? We're actually pretty dang even when it comes to bowling and so it makes it more fun. A little competition always turns things up a lil bit. He ended up beating me 115-114! I'll get him next time...
The Girls and I

It was fun to get out and hang out with some old friends. Sunday we went to church and played around in the sun and my lovely lil sis took some pictures of us as a cute couple. I like having him at church with me :) it makes it more fun if your best friend is sitting next to you. Because Bryson is leaving on a full time mission for our church this summer, it is definitely nice to have some solid lookin pictures of us around. Don't wanna forget what he looks like! ha

Here we are <3



ADORABLE. I love him! He is my favorite. He's me hero :) my champion. I mean look at him..


  1. ah! you two are so cute!
    i am kind of jealous.
    my sister has a missionary out and it only encourages me to send off a boy and wait for him.
    we'll see what happens.
    and i will be honest, he looks like a keeper! (;

  2. Baby... you are not going to beat me next time! ;) You always know how to make me smile. I love you chloeazy you make this life so breezy! ha. You're amazing :)

  3. @jalissa: well thanks! I have always been the one slightly jealous of those way cute couples so it feels nice to be one now :) haha. It is good to know he will be doing the Lord's work for 2 years. It will be an adventure for both of us!
    @the failure: we'll have to go again and see! I'm glad to be here to put that smile on your face. It's only fair...cause you do the same for me ♥
    @the nyanzi report: thank you thank you! :)

  4. so i just want to say thank you so much! (: thank you for following my blog and posting stuff. you make blogging ten times better! where is he going on his mission?
    i actually am somewhat sending off a missionary. he isn't really MY missionary but it's a tough situation. we like each other but aren't together because i told him i didn't want a missionary but look at me now! haha! i think we need to get in touch other then blogs. what do you think?