Thursday, February 17, 2011


they are so great! It's like having a best friend that has to love you no matter what...haha okay not really but i was reminded today of how awesome cousins are.

My cousin Jacquie who you can visit HERE texted me and asked to skypee. Normally i don't really like skyping, it's the need to be in a quiet room without anybody else that bothers me i guess. I really love jacquie lots and so i gave up whatever i had against it and we had a nice chat.

I haven't seen or heard her voice in a long time and so it was really nice. Especially when currently i don't get out much and literally don't have any friends to hang out was exactly what i needed! :)

Jacquie and I were super inseparably close when we were younger and she lived just 15 minutes away from me. When we were 11 she moved to Arizona. Not only was she my cousin but she was my bestest friend! So it really sucked not having her around anymore.

We took a trip down to Arizona a few years after they moved and i have gotten to see her through some other trips throughout the years. We never completely lost touch, but there were definitely times we didn't talk much, just cause we each had our own lives going at full speed.

Lately, like for the past year or so we have been talking a lot more, and i LOVE it. I found the best pictures of us when we were younger... ENJOY!



  1. Awwwww! Chlo! I LOVE THIS! And I love YOU! Hahaha.. That picture we took at the Apple Store.. I totally remember that. Fun times. I'm so happy we got to Skype!

  2. I am so glad you like it :) i love you too! Apple store was a blast haha.